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Security activities

Today it is quite difficult to imagine any business without the services of private security companies. Our team is the leader in this segment. We combine high skill specialists with an attractive set of prices and services.

Our company is a guarantor of public, personal and property security, and we work exclusively responsibly. No matter how hard the state law enforcement agencies try, they are simply not able to provide it fully. Therefore, today a private security company is a structure that comes to the rescue and provides the necessary level of protection.

For the protection of the object or for a specific purpose prepared by the special group. Our advantage is that we approach each set task individually. And this allows the security to respond quickly and perform work at 100%, eliminating the source of danger.


NGC provides the following services:

  • • Security at facilities.
  • • Consultations on the protection of property and the family.
  • • Private security.
  • • Installation and maintenance of integrated security systems.
  • • Maintaining order at public events.
  • • Cargo escort

4 principles of work of our enterprise:

  1. Individually. For the client, we develop a unique security strategy based on a detailed analysis of the object, situation, budget of the customer, his requirements.
  2. Professionally. We use only modern operating technologies and special means. All employees with appropriate training qualification category, a weapon permit. They will keep calm in difficult situations and always operate on a well-established algorithm.
  3. Globally. Over the years, we have accumulated a unique experience in ensuring the safety of construction sites, business centers, gastronomic institutions, shops, multi-storey buildings, banks, hotels.
  4. Promptly. During the day we organize the protection of objects of any complexity. The speed is possible due to the presence in the staff of the military personnel of the reserve units of the special purpose of the Ministry of Defense and the Interior, as well as the SBU. All of them have experience in anti-terrorism activities and quickly mobilize to accomplish the task. Rapid response teams are equipped with their own transport, which is always in good condition.

To find out the exact cost of the work, you need to form a clear technical task for the chop. The price of protection depends on the complexity and type of the task, the requirements for qualifications and equipment of the staff, the number of posts, the schedule of service.